University of Warwick Latin and Ballroom Dancesport

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Welcome dance freshers!

Hello there! Welcome to the Latin & Ballroom club at Warwick, we are thrilled to start the new academic year with all of you! If you are new to the club, we’re glad you’re...

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The Summer Sparkle

Hi all Hope you all enjoy yourselves over the break and good luck to all those moving on The Summer Sparkle Regards Joshua

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Weekly Sparkle Term 3 Week 9

Hi all So I’m back this week to get you all ready to enjoy the last weeks of the year. Starting off with the picnic and circling social on Wednesday, followed by sports ball...

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Weekly Sparkle Term 3 Week 7

Hi All This weeks news is mostly to keep you up to date with the plans for the final weeks of term. That mystical land far in the future where we have no more...

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Weekly Sparkle Term 3 Week 6

Hi all Sorry this one is a little late this week, this week is very light on the ground with no combined class this week meaning that the main focus will be on the...


FREE CLASSES STILL RUNNING The free classes have maintained high enough numbers over the first half of the term that we have decided to keep them going as long as you guys keep turning...

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Weekly Sparkle Term 3 Week 5

Hi All Hope you are all not too stressed for exams, unfortunately there will be no combined class this week as the event was undersubscribed. However the free practice sessions will still be open...

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Weekly Sparkle Term 3 Week 4

Hi everyone No weekly sparkle this week as we’re getting a bit thin on events as the exam season approaches. So here’s just a reminder for you all to turn up for the end...

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The Weekly Sparkle Term 3 Week 3

Hi All Hope all of you who went to Manchester spring had a great time and to all those who didn’t go that’s why this weekly sparkle is a little late. So I aught...

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Free Introductory Classes

Interested in joining the club but want to give it a try first. Then come on down to our free introductory classes on a Monday between 18:30 and 20:00 as seen in our class...